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Our Story

Small business with Big capabilities

        BK Customs is family owned and is operated by The Simonton Family. Started back in the late 1990’s in Brion’s back yard Garage, Father and Son Brion and Kyle Simonton set out to build a 1968 Ford Mustang. When building the Mustang we started making custom parts for the cars including billet grille’s and gauge kits. This started the journey we call being a small business owner. In 2005 Brion and wife Pamela decided to refinance their home so BK Customs could move out of the back yard garage and turn it from a hobby to a business. We purchased a water jet machine to be able to cut one of our grille products, but with not enough power to run the water jet from the garage we needed to fine a place to put it. We leased the small corners of a indoor boat and car storage and repair facility and started cutting parts on the water jet. When started we were only making our own products on the machine but as word got out we quickly had people in need of our services. Kyle first quit his job to pursue this business full time.

        In 2008 we had outgrown the small corner of a shop we called home to our water jet and it was time to find a new place. We moved into a small industrial complex on Palmyrita Ave in Riverside. We move the water jet and all of our tools still in Brion's back yard garage including our cnc plasma cutter and set out to expand our job shop cutting and fabrication business. As the financial crisis was in full swing people did not have the money to build classic cars and so our  mustang parts business was looking pretty slim, however we found our niche in being a small business cutting and fabrication shop. We were a small shop and did not have the overhead of some of these bigger fabrication shops that were struggling to keep afloat as their customers in the construction and manufacturing sectors dried up. We prided our selfs on a family atmosphere and customer service with out the costly setup charges and high minimums the big shop charge and we began to flourish.

        In the next few years expanded our business. Moving from 3/4 of 1 industrial unit to 3 separate units. Expanding our cutting capabilities. Starting in 2009 with a 500 watt CNC laser on a Weiderman punch frame, Then moved up to a Mazak 1500 watt in 2010. We hired additional employees, purchased tubing benders, notcher's, press brakes, along with MIG and TIG welders to help better serve our customers. In 2012 Kyle's wife Nicole Simonton joined the team to keep us on track and in check. She has quickly became a driving force to our success. She is the first smiling face you see as you stop by our office and the friendly voice you hear when you call.

        In 2014 we made the big move and purchased our own building. Moving from 8,000 sq ft in 3 separate spaces to over 12,000 sq under 1 roof. This along with a private gated yard and the purchase of a Trumpf L3030 CNC laser power house has allowed us to take on larger and more exciting jobs.

        In the middle of 2016 we upgraded once again. This time was another laser. Trading out both our Mazak laser and Trumpf laser we purchased a brand new state of the art Trumpf L1030 Fiber laser. This new upgrade to our ability allows us to compete with event he biggest of shops. This machine is a true workhorse and we strive on delivering our customer quality laser cut parts quickly.

       We continue our passion for Cutting and Fabricating parts from steel and other metals, while taking pride in our craftsmanship and being a vibrant business within our local community. Servicing most of Southern California we are a friendly family oriented business here to serve you with your metal cutting and fabrication needs. Weather you are someone looking to have a custom part laser cut for your home or a shop or business that needs thousands of parts cut we would love to work with you


The BK Customs Family


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